Thank You, Tech Support!

April 5, 2010

Technology support services at MacEwan is a lifesaver. For those technically disadvantaged students, Tech Support will stand by your side.

Over the long weekend, a group member and I were at MacEwan recording a video for another class project. Once we had our footage, we took the camera and all of its 123,784,256,254,524 cables to the Mac computers in the library to begin the importing/editing process.

This was not going over well, at all.

Finally, my group member suggested I ask Tech support for some help.

Best suggestion of 2010.

The support staff came over. He looked at the camera, looked at the cables, looked at me and gave me a friendly smile.

“Yeaaaa, for Sony cameras you need a four pin to six pin firewall cable because (insert computer talk here),” said very helpful support staff member

He looked at me again, “Do you want me to write that down for you?”

Yes please!

Without him, I would still be plugging away in the dark at the library as we speak.

Also, not only will they help you figure out problems such as this, but they also do the following:

-Rent PC and Mac laptops to students for a $5 day charge;

-Rent/borrow video cameras, microphones, and other AV equipment to students;

-Reset passwords for forgetful students;

-Assist students with printing and copying services in the library; and

-Provide assistance with Blackboard, WebAdvisor, and email services.

This list is limited as Technology Support does offer students several other stress relieving services.

Share a smile with the next Tech Support staff member you see, cause he\she just might be your guardian angel.


Biznewz4u Team



  1. One of my husband’s friends is a tech support staff member at MacEwan! I will pass along your appreciation for them.

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