To accept or not to accept?

April 6, 2010

Practicums, practicums, practicums…

If you think you’re hearing a lot about them that’s because that’s all we’re thinking about it. Shani gave you some good advice in her last posting, but there’s something else you might not be expecting…ethics.

Who would have thought that we would have to try and make ethical decisions when all we are trying to do is get an internship so we can graduate and get some experience.

What do I mean by ethics? Well, obviously we all want the best job we can get. So what happens when we have an interview with our dream place on say April 13th. But we also have several back-up interviews scheduled, which happen to fall before the dream interview. We can’t not accept a practicum in the hopes that something better will come along; we could end up with nothing. So then what happens if you land the dream practicum? Call the first organization and say thanks but no thanks? Not only are you making yourself look bad, but you are inconveniencing the organization, because now they may not even get a practicum student. You are also angering your fellow classmates, who may have wanted the position you just turned down.


I am hoping that they will make this whole process easier for next year’s batch of PR students…but I won’t hold my breath.

So to accept or not to accept? That is the question. I know that several of my classmates will be faced with this decision, and the only conclusion I have come up with is this: You have to look out for number one. Do what you have to do, but make sure you can sleep at night. 

– Maya

Team Biznewz4u



  1. I agree completely! Tip for next year….maybe have all the closing dates at the same time…that would get rid of 1/8th of the headache for us at least.

  2. You couldn’t have said it better, Maya! I’m sure many of us are feeling this way, and it is just added stress on top of all our other work – LAME

  3. I totally agree that the closing dates should be consistent, and the offers should be more structured, too. I actually think the closing date should be mid-March, so that we could all have our practicums in place by the end of March. Having the applications/interviews/offers all be in the last few weeks of classes just adds way too much stress on top of the crazy amount of work we’re already doing!

  4. Go with your gut feeling Maya!

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