How to zoom zoom through school

April 7, 2010

So for those students who want to get school over as quickly as possible (like I did), there are a couple suggestions I can make.

I took several spring and summer classes, and for the most part they weren’t bad. If you need elective credits, take something super easy or fun. I took sign langauge and human sexuality at the U of A during spring and summer, and they were a breeze! Especially human sexuality…we got to play with “toys” in class 🙂 Alternately, if you have a really hard class that you have to take, why not do it in spring and summer when you don’t have four other classes to worry about?

If you take one or two spring/summer classes every year, you can knock off at least a semester from your degree!

Also, I did something a bit sneakier to speed through school.  I knew for a while that I wanted to go into Public Relations at Grant MacEwan but wanted a degree first. On the other hand, I didn’t want to be in school for five whole years. So I did three years of my Bachelor of Arts at the U of A and then I asked my advisor if I could go to Grant MacEwan and use the PR diploma credits as my electives for my degree. Because I had already finished my mandatory requirements for my major, minor and degree (thanks to spring and summer classes and good planning), and since the U of A didn’t offer any PR classes, I was allowed to do a transfer-roo. It took about a month for everyone to understand what was going on, but in the long run, it was definitely worth it! I will be done my degree in April and then have a diploma in June. Let me just dust that dirt off my shoulder…

So basically to get school done ASAP, take some spring and summer classes, plan your classes well (don’t take something you don’t need) and dig for loopholes!


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