Pending doom

April 7, 2010

17 days…I can’t believe everything will be over in 17 days! I have been in school every year since kindergarten and it is all finally coming to an end.

For the first three years of university all I could think of was finishing school and starting my career: making my own money, buying a house and all those material things that go with making more than 10 grand a year.

But in this, my fourth and last year of post-secondary, I am getting scared. I’ve been spoiled this year with two, three hour and four hour classes. What oh what will I do when I have to be at work for EIGHT whole hours?! What will I do without my afternoon nap?! And above all, what will I do without Days of Our Lives?! PANIC!

Don’t get me wrong, it will be lovely to not have a million hours of homework to do…but at least I could do that in the comfort of my own home, in my jammies and fuzzy slippers, with my hair a rat’s nest, and breaks every hour on the hour to play fetch with my puppy, Rocky.

I don’t think my future employers will appreciate my ensemble of choice, and I don’t think they will let Rocky come to work with me.

Doom. I do not think I am ready for the real world. Stay back!

So I want to know, classmates, who is dreading the end of school and who can’t wait? And does anyone have any suggestions on how to make my transition easier…how to sneak in a nap at work would be great advice!

– Maya


One comment

  1. Days of Our Lives: once you have a job you will also have money for things like PVRs. That’s easily solved!

    Naps: I am a very, very frequent after-work napper. A 5-6:00 nap isn’t quite as awesome as a 2-4pm nap, but it’s not bad.

    I’m really torn. I like school and I love the flexibility and I will miss school breaks, but I am looking forward to going back to having money and my evenings and weekends! But since I don’t know where I’m going to be working (long term, anyway – I’m going back to the library once I’m back from California) I don’t have any idea what it will be like, and that’s stressful.

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