The end is near…

April 7, 2010

Shaniqua hard at work in her cave

The sun is shining. The bees are buzzing. The kids are playing. My new bike calls my name… Shaaaaaaaaniiiiiiiiquaaaaaaaaaa.

Where am I you might ask? In my cave of a computer room with dark circles under my eyes eating my rice krispy easter nest.

All I can think about is going outside and playing hop scotch with my little sister. Yet I am here in my hovel working on assignment 452 of 513.

How can you keep focused when summer is almost here? How can you keep focused when all you can think about is April 23, 2010?

I will tell you how.

Lock yourself in your cave. Ask your roommate (or in my case, my dad) to shove bread crumbs under the door every three hours for brain food and plug away until the assignment is complete.


Stay after school and visit the library. Try and get a seat in front of the big window where the Mac computers are. It’s here where a student can still get some Vitamin D and finish their assignment without all the distractions of home. (Maybe Leeza will be there with a crunchy roast beef wrap to share)

Still allow yourself to be a normal student and make time for yourself. You don’t want to burnout!

The end is near and when it comes you will have four whole months to live outside. Just keep reminding yourself, four whole months!

Keep it real.


Biznewz4u Team


One comment

  1. Go enjoy your new bicycle. Yay!

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