Coping with distractions

April 8, 2010

As I was trying to come up with some sort of idea for my next post, I was distracted about a hundred times. First my dog wanted to play, and let’s face it I can’t say no to him. Then a good show came on TV. Then my phone rang. Then Facebook started calling my name. Then I started thinking about the blog for a bit but had no good ideas. Then I had to go to the bathroom. Then I had a nap. Then I was hungry. Then I thought I needed a shower and could not wait. 

Clearly I am prone to distractions. The thing with me is that if I really have to get something done, I do it. It just takes me a few days or hours to get motivated to do it. Even if I go to school to study or do a project, I find myself stopping to stare at a neighbour, mezmerised that he or she is so intensely doing what I should be doing. 

What I have found about distractions is just to embrace them! If you are that prone to distractions then you just aren’t in the right mindset to do your work. Make deals with yourself, like I will watch TV for an hour then work for half an hour. I’ve also found that I am a lot more productive when I have work to do. Meaning that I do the dishes instead of cracking open that IMC book. Or I Swiffer the floors instead of preparing my research presentation. By the end of it all, my apartment is clean AND my work is done! So bring it on distractions, I’m ready for you. 

Happy studying everyone!

– Maya



  1. Oh man, I totally could have written this post. I am really easily distracted. I’m also very prone to multi-tasking, which is sometimes useful and sometimes not so much. I think I’ll write a blog post about the advantages and disadvantages of multi-tasking…just as soon as I finish getting distracted by everybody else’s blogs!

  2. This describes me to a tee. Just when I start settling down to get some work done, some chore pops into my mind that I just HAVE to get done. My new strategy is to take my dog out for a walk for at least 15 minutes before I want to start studying. I get some fresh, it clears my head and Dana isn’t staring at me with her puppy dog eyes all night.

  3. Seems like many of us are that way. When I finding myself getting really distracted, I time myself. I tell myself I can’t get up for 30 minutes then set my alarm on my cell. That way I sit down for 30 solid minutes of work.

    P.S. Pets are the worst at distracting you! Why do they have to be so cute?!

  4. Good advice Maya. I find turning your cell phone on silent also helps, but I definitely study while I do other things on my computer at the same time. It goes a bit slower, but I embrace those distractions as they come along!

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