Dressing up for School?

April 8, 2010

The average students probably spends 4-6 hours at school a day (this does not include the slackers).

Personally,  when at Grant Mac, I like to be dressed comfortably, especially when there is a long day ahead attending class and meeting with groups to work on projects. My attire usually consists of hats, sweats, t-shirts….and jeans if you’re lucky. Very often I’ll wear sweats four times during the same week!

Last week, I passed by a girl in the hall at 8:00 in the morning who looked like she was hitting up a night club! I was amazed! She was wearing fake eyelashes, caked on makeup, high heels, a fancy outfit and a hair style that definitely required time to do. It just makes me wonder what time she gets up to get ready?!

I mean, who has the time? Especially around finals! Maybe she has a personal makeup and hair stylist that does it for her in the morning… hahaha wouldn’t that be the life! Well, props to her that she has the desire to look good all the time.

For me, I am going to stick to my comfy sweats.

Yay for sweats!! 😛




  1. Yay to sweats is right. Especially when school starts at 8 am. We aren’t quite working yet. YET.

  2. Hahaha so true! When I went to the U of A, girls would be fully decked out and wearing heels in the winter! You have to walk outside, in the snow and ice, to get to your classes there. Frankly, heels are just a hazard!

    I secretly always hoped they would wipe out and break off one of their stilettos 🙂

  3. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Leeza! I heart Lulu’s!

  4. When I went the University of Calgary, Lululemon pants, Ed Hardy hat, hoop earrings, UGGs and full make-up were considered ‘roughing it’. It was disgusting.

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