Food for thought…literally

April 8, 2010

Hello! All this talk of food and stress has lead me to the topic of brain food! During the next few weeks we will all be busy and stressed and our bodies will need proper and healthy foods to keep our minds sharp!

So here are a few brain foods that will help improve hormone production, brain chemistry, mood and cognition!

1. FISH is the single most important element for optimal brain health. Salmon, mackerel and tuna all contain the best form of Omega-3 fats, which are the healthy fats your bodies need.

2. NUTS offer a plethora of protein, fiber and fat as well as vitamins and minerals that your brain thrives on. Almonds make a great healthy snack.

3. BLUEBERRIES & STRAWBERRIES contain antioxidants which boost cognition, coordination and memory. Berries are great on their own or in yogurt, cereal and salads.

4.GREEK YOGURT, or European style yogurt as it’s often referred to, perks you up and improve mental awareness. Greek yogurt is the fattening kind, but it’s the good kind of fat! Avoid the sugar-loaded yogurts.

5. AVOCADOS boast a healthy fat that promotes blood flow and keeps your mind functioning at its peak. So don’t let the fat content in avocados fool you!

I enjoy all the foods above, so I know what I’ll be eating over the next couple of weeks. I suggest you all do some smart grocery shopping and pick up a few of these brain boosters!





  1. You could be a trainer on the Biggest Loser Gitte!

  2. Almonds are also really great because they are ok to munch on while you’re studying!
    In moderation though of course.
    Thanks for the info Gitte.

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