Four hours of NHL, REALLY?

April 11, 2010

So this is advice is for mostly male business students, those who love their video games.

My boyfriend is an electrician, and is just finishing up his third year at Nait. His major final exam is coming around the corner, and studying at this time is crucial. Instead of studying, he gets sucked in by the addictive game, NHL Hockey. First its, “Yeah i’ll only play one game” and then always  leads to 10-12 games, taking almost four hours.

So advice for business guys, or even girls who like to play video games: STAY AWAY FROM NHL, or any other similar video game. It will suck you in for hours upon hours!

Plus, the game is not exactly the most interesting to watch…Sorry if I’ve offended you boys!




  1. Hey now, watch with the gender assumptions. I myself got distracted with a video game yesterday.

  2. Yah I’m a little shocked with the article. Just as many women get distracted doing things that aren’t condusive to getting work done. It’s both sexes that get carried away with finding distractions when you don’t want to get work done.

    However, as an avid NHL player on my XBOX, I completely agree that one game is never one game. That is why I gave my XBOX to my girlfriend until exams are over. She has it in a box so I can stay focused.

    • I never said girls can’t get distracted by things, I just find most boys tend to love this particular game, and often can’t play just one round! I’m glad this blog started up some controversy!
      You must understand what I mean though seeing as you have your girlfriend keep your xbox from you until exams are over!

  3. I study while I play World of Warcraft, it’s all about multitasking for me 🙂

  4. Ok people, let’s get this straight. This post has nothing to do with wasting time but everything to do with spending quality time with someone’s lover. Leeza feels that her needs aren’t being taken care off while her boyfriend plays video games. Therefore, I suggest to Leeza that while her boyfriend plays video games that she takes care of his needs. Her boyfriend will really appreciate it and never forget it. Therefore, in the future when her needs need to be taken care of it will prompted a return favor.

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