Public Speaking or Squeaking?

April 12, 2010

Stage fright getting you down? Don't fret my little lamb!

Well, many of you know that presentations are a part of your life now whether you like it or not.

Some of us can talk in front of anyone and relay the message like it’s nobody’s business. Some of us would rather pick garbage with inmates than get in front of our peers.

There is hope for those who shake, sweat and st-st-stutter. The answer is Toastmasters.

Toastmasters is an opportunity for students, professionals, retiree’s and many others to improve their communication skills. Members learn by speaking in groups and working one on one in a supportive environment.

A typical group consists of 20 – 30 people who meet once a week for about an hour.

Lucky for us, there is a MacEwan Toastmasters club. Their blog is full of helpful tips for public speaking and also provides information on their weekly meetings.

So don’t worry, be happy! Toastmasters will save the day!

Visit www.macewan.ca/toastmasters 

toodle loo,


Biznewz4u Team



  1. You know, I always thought I was a decent public speaker just because my nature is to be outgoing. But recently, I’ve noticed that I get quite nervous lately. I’m definitely worried about the big bad IMC project so I’ll probably do some practicing.

    Ugh, this is too much to think about so late. Time for coffee and tv.

  2. I enjoy public speaking, but only when I have time to prepare. When it comes to improvising, I’m toast.

    I took a session at the Student Business Conference about public speaking and found it provided some very helpful tips. I recommend students try it!

    Also, here’s an article that provides more information about conquering public speaking fears.


    One last point. For those of you nervous to present in front of the class (myself included), remember that we are a very welcoming and friendly group! Nobody wants anyone else to do poorly. I feel like we are all rooting for eachother which helps calm nerves.

  3. Chris – I always thought I had a knack for it too, until recently. 🙂 But practice does make perfect!

    Melissa – Great tips! Thanks for contributing!

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