Wonderful Weather

April 12, 2010

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the weather quite often influences my mood…

We all know Edmonton is prone to insane weather patterns, which I’m sure we have all grown to love and embrace (NOT), and therefore I’m blaming my poor study habits on the weather!

The past couple of weeks have been, for the most part, nicer than expected…the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, people are out and about, and I’m sitting in my apartment, at my desk trying to be productive…

When the weather is so beautiful, I want to be outside taking advantage of the weather and enjoying the fresh air….so this may shock you, but I was happy when we had our little cold spell/snow last week! When the weather is gloomy and bad, I’m perfectly content sitting indoors doing homework because I know I’m not missing anything outside.

So if the good weather could please hold off till next Friday, my sanity and grades will thank you!





  1. I completely agree! I love rainy days (although Edmonton doesn’t seem to get many). They are so dark and gloomy I don’t want to leave my house which is excellent during school.

  2. Fall semester finals are always the worst for that! The lovely spring weather makes it nearly impossible to concentrate!

    I like a handy little app my blackberry has, that shows me the forecast at a click of a button. That way, I know exactly how to plan my studying!

  3. Weather in Edmonton is crap until July.

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