Family matters

April 15, 2010

Family is my strongest ally.

When I think about them, I start to get a lump in my throat. They have seen me through thick and thin.

Bad breakups, empty gas tanks, empty stomachs, hang nails, deaths, soccer tournaments, band camps (I played baritone, yeeeesh!), dance recitals, graduations, weddings, and some I’d rather not mention. Leaked sex tapes – cough, cough! (Just kidding!)

I still live with my dad and I love it. He is 65 years old, yet acts like he’s 35. We are BFF’s and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My mom lives two blocks away and we have dinner together at least three times a week. She cooks better than Ramsey. I can talk to her about ANYTHING and I woudn’t want it any other way.

My four sisters range in age from 43 to seven years. Sandy, the oldest,

My family: Mom, Teneya, me, Niki, Dad, and Layla in front. Sandy is MIA.

 taught me how to cross stitch and loves me like I am her own.

Niki is the craziest, loudest, funniest hooligan on the planet. I can count on her for a good laugh any day of the week.

Teneya is sugar, spice and everything nice. She is my very best friend.

Finally, there is little Layla loo loo. Attitude is her middle name. She is a tomboy and a girlie girl all smacked into one tiny brown package. 

And guess what? I wouldn’t want it any other way.

They encourage me to be a better person. The successes I have had and will continue to have, I share with them.

Support systems, such as my family, determine how well you will build and determine the self-confidence necessary for success.

Whether its your family, friends, distant cousins, your pets, a pen pal, etc. support systems enable you to excel.

Maintain these relationships and keep them close. As we enter the working world, these support systems will help you embrace your new lives and create new meaningful relationships.


Biznewz4u Team

*I swear this is my one and only sappy post*



  1. I still live at home with my Mom,Brother and Sister, Guess what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having my family there for me and being there for my family. You’re not sappy.

  2. Aww…this was a really great post to read 🙂 I feel the exact same way about my family. I can trust them with anything and they are fully supportive of everything I do. It’s so important to appreciate your family.

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