How to destress before exams

April 15, 2010

Well, seeing as how next week we have two big final exams, I thought I’d lend a hand and offer a few helpful hints on how to make your life less stressful before the big test!

Obviously, the easiest way to feel less stressed about an exam is to study! Studying is 100 per cent necessary to pass tests. Start studying ahead of time (which is not always possible…aka the situation we currently find ourselves in) and take study breaks every couple hours and do something completely non-study related to relax your mind.

If possible, find ways to make studying fun by making a game out of it by playing 20 questions or Jeopardy. This will make the studying more desirable and you are more likely to retain information you desire to remember. Finding a study buddy is another fun and interactive way to study.

Remember to go to bed early the night before you test because a good night’s sleep will keep you focused! This is very important, remember to eat breakfast the morning of your exam. Food fuels your body and your brain, and you want your brain fully functioning on the day of the exam.

Remember to reward yourself for all your hard work studying…make plans to do something after you’ve written the exam, like, say, SHOPPING, or going for a pint…

And, lastly, just relax before the test and take deep breaths and be confident!

Good luck everyone!



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