Life after school…

April 15, 2010

I know many people have posted blogs talking about being done school and all that fun stuff, so I thought I may as well do the same.

The countdown is on… one more week, one more week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 23rd is going to be an epic day! Oh, the things I plan on doing on my week off will be glorious.

I pretty much plan on being as useless as possible for the first few days and just taking some time for myself in order to relax before practicum starts. This includes sleeping in till I feel like it, coffee in bed while reading an actual novel (absolutely nothing school or work related), and catching up on missed TV shows.

It’ll be such a relief to not have to go to bed thinking about schoolwork every night and stressing about marks and projects because I’ve had some rather disturbing dreams about school, and they must end!

I think everyone deserves a break after the year we’ve had!


I look forward to celebrating the end of our program with my classmates next weekend!




One comment

  1. Definitely, everyone in the program deserves the break,.. especially people who’ve had to hold a job while schooling. Insane I tell you.

    But alas, it’s coming to an end. I’ve spent the last 2weeks drooling about the senseless things I’m going to indulge myself in starting April 23 at 4:01pm. ,… indeed, the activities will be glorious and epic

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