MacBook, The Way to Go!

April 15, 2010

Dear Students,

I purchased my MacBook right when the program started in September. I didn’t realize how useful is was until midway of the program. With its light weight, I take it with me everywhere! Whether I am at school, work or at my bf/friends places, I can work on my news releases, powerpoints and almost any other projects assigned during that time. It is especially useful when I randomly come up with an idea in my head for a project, and can easier input it in, where ever I am!

It is my first Mac – I always used to use PCs… and boy am I loving it! I have had ZERO problems. I always had issues with my PCs (viruses, programs freezing etc.)

So, if you are planning to purchase laptop and debating between a Mac and PC, I’d highly suggest a Mac! And as you all know, in this profession that demands creativity, it is very handy to have the fancy programs such as imovie, indesign and photoshop.

Good Day!



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