Don’t worry be happy

April 17, 2010

With this week of doom approaching, I figure we could all use some perspective right about now. Everyone is stressing out about final exams and group projects, but we really don’t have to.

Is an employer really going to care if we barely passed a class? All that matters is that we actually have our degrees, diplomas or whatever it is that we are working towards. 

I am a firm believer that tests are not a good indicator of what a student is capable of. Many people do not do well, not because they don’t understand the material, but because they did not have enough time to study or they suffer from test anxiety. Chances are extremely high that the materials we are tested on won’t even surface in the workplace.

Projects, assignments and labs are more worthy to strive towards because these may actually be indicators of what we will doing at work. So if anything, put more effort towards your group and individual projects and don’t freak out when a test starts inching closer. It’s only school people! There are more serious things to worry about!

So unless you want to get your masters after your program, don’t worry be happy! It will all work out in the end.

– Maya


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