My social media experience!

April 19, 2010

Social media is pretty much an inevitable part of our lives today…there’s no way to deny that! I will confess that I am somewhat addicted to Facebook, but my God, it’s so hard not to be.

Ugh…there should be a detox program for people who want to slowly weed out Facebook. It’d be a great money-maker! I could sure use it. Way too much of my precious time has been wasted on Facebook, and now that I’m entering the professional world, I feel as though I should refrain from using it so much.  If anyone has any helpful suggestions on how to lessen Facebook addictions, please let me know ASAP!

Only through school have I started to use Twitter and blogging as another social media tool, but they just don’t have the same appeal to me…Facebook will always be my one and only true social media love…sigh 🙂

I can see the practicality of using a blog and/or Twitter for business purposes, but I think it’ll take me a while before I start to use them for personal gain. Maybe once I quit my Facebook addication I’ll find a new one in Twitter or blogging…it’s pretty much a vicicious circle, I’m sure!

Well, I’ll leave it at that…I have to check my Facebook…





  1. Hahah I agree, both you and I are terrible when it comes to facebook. we are such nerds!

  2. I haven’t caught on to Twitter yet myself, but yes, I am all over Facebook like butter on bread!

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