April 21, 2010

Yes, my eyes are bloodshot.

And no it’s not from the famous 4/20.

My eyes have glared into a computer screen from 1:00 pm yesterday and here I am still staring into the monitor.

I’m turning into the hunchback of Notre Dame from horrible computer posture. All I need is a severe stye in my eye and my face would resemble him too.Just hanging with some of the Biznewz4u Team

With my body changing into a new life form, I wonder: What will happen to me when I start working in communications – FULL TIME?!?


So, I found some helpful tips for us future professionals.

For your posture – bring a Swiss ball or fitness ball with you to work. Sit on this instead of your chair. Not only will you correct your posture and alignment but you will also get a slight workout! BONUS!

Also take frequent breaks for 30- 60 second stretches.

For your eyes – Increase your ‘monitor refresh rate.’ Computer monitors flicker constantly which causes eye strain. By increasing the refresh rate, it will help reduce eye irritation and headaches.

For your hands – Take frequent breaks to stretch your hands, fingers, and wrists. These excercises will reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, ensure your hands are in a natural position when using your keyboard and mouse. If not, change the height of your chair to provide comfortable hand positioning.

These are only a few tips. I want to hear from you! What else can we do to help ourselves through nine hour desk jobs?

Stay cool,


BizNewz4u Team



  1. Students sit in pretty bad chairs both at school and home, but many businesses take making their workplace ergonomic pretty seriously. It’s something you could always ask in the job interview. It has the added bonus of telling you something about how a company regards its employees.

  2. Those are some good tips Shani, thanks!

  3. I like the tips Shani. good work.

  4. These are awesome tips Shani. Way to suggest something that a lot of people neglect. We tend to forget about how the smallest things can make the biggest difference. It’s nice to know that we all don’t have to become caffeine addicts in order to get through a long work day. It’s all about taking breaks and remember that your body needs as much a break as your mind and eyes.

    In response to your post, I recommend taking a brief walk and talking to a co-worker about something completely unrelated to your current task. Give your mind a break and a brief breather. =)


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