For all you shopaholics out there

April 21, 2010

Well, since we live in a technological world today and the internet is such an influence in our lives, it’s no doubt that some of us like to online shop…right? I know I do, though I’ve had to cut down on my online purchases since school started…

Anyways, here are  a few helpful pointers for you shoppers to take advantage of when online shopping for sample sales!

Hitting the sales online means you will avoid the long lines, YAY!

1. Save the date: find out about sales info on BLOGS such as Thebudgetfasionista.com. Around 10 sales launch every day.

2. Do the prep: a lot of sale don’t allow returns, so go into the actual store and try on the items you’re interested in and check the prices.

3. Shop bottom-up: scroll down to the bottom of the web page after logging in, since most shoppers start at the top.

Online sale shopping pays off…you’d be amazed at the sales you can find online and how much cheaper items are.

Give it a try!




  1. I completely agree Gitte. Many people are still skeptical of online shopping. Another bonus to online shopping, in addition to cheaper prices than in-store, are coupon codes.

    Some sites you can check out are retailmenot.com and redflagdeals.com.

    If neither of these sites give you a coupon code for the product you’re looking to purchase, simply google the product name followed by either ‘coupon code’, ‘promotional code’ or ‘discount code’.

    Happy online savings and shopping 😀


  2. Thanks, Peter! That is very helpful. You’re so shopping savvy! Once I have funds again…hopefully soon, I’ll be checking it out!


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