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April 21, 2010

Visit Guadi's Sangrada di Familia in Barcelona


I hate to say it, but this is my last post. I wanted to leave you with an important message. 

Remember to enjoy life. 

As I mentioned in my rush hour post, it feels at times we are constantly going so often that we forget to stop and enjoy the gift that is our earth. 

In Canada, the workplace is a diverse place. In one office you may have one citizen born in Canada  working there and the rest from places like the Philippines, India, Mexico, Korea, etc. 

Now would you not agree that the best way to learn more about the people we live with is to visit the country they originated from? 

Maybe in some cases it may not be safe to visit, but in others you may be missing out on beautiful cultures and landscapes. 

Travelling will open up your world entirely. Once you start you can’t stop. 

Try to make yourself visit a new country or city every year if you can save the coin. Make the visit last two weeks so you can take it all in. 

Travelling abroad may not be for everyone. But who says you can’t experience cultures and beautiful landscapes in the safety of our own country, Canada. 

The Inuit, Metis, and First Nation cultures are facsinating and provide insight into environmental issues we have been faced with as of late. 

So, remember to take time for yourself and enjoy life. Whether it means travelling or sitting in the backyard with family. 

Being successful is important but shouldn’t come first. 

Thank you everyone for a great year and I will miss seeing you everyday. 

Take care of yourselves. 

Love always, 


Biznewz4u Team 

Go for a Gondola ride in Venice



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