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Hang in there guys!

April 19, 2010

Dear PR students,

Just a quick short post, since I have copious amounts of internal communications to study! 😦

We are almost there! One exam down, another tomorrow, then presentation time! Since we are so busy, it will all be over before we know it. I wish you all luck and look forward to celebrating on Friday.

Happy studying!



Dreadful Spring Allergies

April 18, 2010

Dear students,

Is anyone else suffering from spring allergies like I am? As soon as I woke up Saturday morning (my planned prime studying time) I sneezed about twenty times in five min. This has been continuing throughout the weekend. So, I decided to take a Benedril to ease the non-stop sneezing, and what does it do? Puts me to sleep for three hours! So much for my studying time!

Why couldn’t my allergies just wait until Friday, after the exams and presentations? That’s only five days away. Arggg… The worst is when you have the sniffles during exams… it drives me INSANE.

To those students who suffer from the same spring allergies, is there a type of medication that you can recommend, that actually works? That is NON drowsy?

Heeeeelp! haha.

-Sniffly Leeza :(


MacBook, The Way to Go!

April 15, 2010

Dear Students,

I purchased my MacBook right when the program started in September. I didn’t realize how useful is was until midway of the program. With its light weight, I take it with me everywhere! Whether I am at school, work or at my bf/friends places, I can work on my news releases, powerpoints and almost any other projects assigned during that time. It is especially useful when I randomly come up with an idea in my head for a project, and can easier input it in, where ever I am!

It is my first Mac – I always used to use PCs… and boy am I loving it! I have had ZERO problems. I always had issues with my PCs (viruses, programs freezing etc.)

So, if you are planning to purchase laptop and debating between a Mac and PC, I’d highly suggest a Mac! And as you all know, in this profession that demands creativity, it is very handy to have the fancy programs such as imovie, indesign and photoshop.

Good Day!



9 more days!!!

April 14, 2010

It seems like it is going to be nearly impossible to finish all our assignments on time, PLUS be ready for our final exams.

All I can say is hang in there students! Take one day at a time. It will all work out in the end.

Only nine more days until we are finished, and can enjoy a week off before our practicums start. Yipee! No more studying/homework on the weekends!



Studying Techniques

April 12, 2010

Dear Students,

This blog is about studying techniques. Everyone has different ways they like to study. Some that prove more effective than others. What is your method?

Usually come exam time, I like to write out notes of key ideas and definitions. I find this is a good method as it allows me to retain information well, but gosh is it time consuming!

Reading a textbook rarely works for me, I don’t remember as much information as I should.

Another really effective way to study is to sit with a group of classmates to discuss the material. I find hearing people explaining answers out loud helps me remember things easier.

What is your method?



Four hours of NHL, REALLY?

April 11, 2010

So this is advice is for mostly male business students, those who love their video games.

My boyfriend is an electrician, and is just finishing up his third year at Nait. His major final exam is coming around the corner, and studying at this time is crucial. Instead of studying, he gets sucked in by the addictive game, NHL Hockey. First its, “Yeah i’ll only play one game” and then always  leads to 10-12 games, taking almost four hours.

So advice for business guys, or even girls who like to play video games: STAY AWAY FROM NHL, or any other similar video game. It will suck you in for hours upon hours!

Plus, the game is not exactly the most interesting to watch…Sorry if I’ve offended you boys!



The Ultimate Stress Reliever

April 8, 2010

Hey students!

At this time of the year,  as finals creep around the corner, stress begins to build like crazy for almost every student. Some people are able to cope with stress easily, and some, not so much. Well this is my trick, and I SWEAR this works for EVERYONE.

No matter how lazy you feel and how much homework you have, set a time for exercise. Although some are not big into working out, even a thirty minute walk in the fresh outdoors will do the trick.

Whenever I am stressed out, I go for a run and it feels AMAZING to take out my frustration through running. Not only does it feel good at the time, but after when you get home and begin attacking studying again, your mind is clear, and you are able to focus better. There is nothing worse then staying indoors all day, falling asleep with your head in your textbook, then waking up to do the same circle again.

Trust me, it works! The more often you do it, the more energy you will have physically and mentally. Try IT!

That is all, Good DAY!