My social media experience!

April 19, 2010

Social media is pretty much an inevitable part of our lives today…there’s no way to deny that! I will confess that I am somewhat addicted to Facebook, but my God, it’s so hard not to be.

Ugh…there should be a detox program for people who want to slowly weed out Facebook. It’d be a great money-maker! I could sure use it. Way too much of my precious time has been wasted on Facebook, and now that I’m entering the professional world, I feel as though I should refrain from using it so much.  If anyone has any helpful suggestions on how to lessen Facebook addictions, please let me know ASAP!

Only through school have I started to use Twitter and blogging as another social media tool, but they just don’t have the same appeal to me…Facebook will always be my one and only true social media love…sigh 🙂

I can see the practicality of using a blog and/or Twitter for business purposes, but I think it’ll take me a while before I start to use them for personal gain. Maybe once I quit my Facebook addication I’ll find a new one in Twitter or blogging…it’s pretty much a vicicious circle, I’m sure!

Well, I’ll leave it at that…I have to check my Facebook…




This calls for a celebration!

April 19, 2010

So, we are down to the last week…can you believe it? Once again, I am amazed at how fast time flys. I can’t believe we are all graduating and moving on to bigger and better things!

This past year has had its ups and downs, but I surivived! In the end, this past school year has been a great experience. I met some great people and learned a great deal. I will always remember my Grant MacEwan experience.

So I’d like to know what everyone’s plans for the summer are…are any of you planning any exciting adventures to faraway places…? The thought of diving straight into a career is not overly appealing to me at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for my practicum, but would love the chance to take a vacation before I move into the career world.

I wish you all happy travels on your life’s adventures!!



Dreadful Spring Allergies

April 18, 2010

Dear students,

Is anyone else suffering from spring allergies like I am? As soon as I woke up Saturday morning (my planned prime studying time) I sneezed about twenty times in five min. This has been continuing throughout the weekend. So, I decided to take a Benedril to ease the non-stop sneezing, and what does it do? Puts me to sleep for three hours! So much for my studying time!

Why couldn’t my allergies just wait until Friday, after the exams and presentations? That’s only five days away. Arggg… The worst is when you have the sniffles during exams… it drives me INSANE.

To those students who suffer from the same spring allergies, is there a type of medication that you can recommend, that actually works? That is NON drowsy?

Heeeeelp! haha.

-Sniffly Leeza :(


Happy trails…

April 18, 2010

So, as my final blog entry, I want to say goodbye to all of you. I can’t believe that the last eight months have come and gone, and that I will no longer be seeing all of your stressed faces everyday.

We have all made important contacts with each other, you never know who will recommend you for a job or even interview you years down the road. The relationships we have made will go a long way to benefit our careers.

I have made some great friends, all of whom I hope I will stay friends with long after we have been released into the real world.

I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope to stay in touch with all of you! Perhaps one of you events-savvy people will plan a reunion one year. I know that I would love to reconnect with my old classmates ten years down the road.

– Maya



Using your resources

April 18, 2010

In the first few weeks of our practicums, we may find ourselves overwhelmed or confused. To ease the transition, don’t forget about the resources we have available to us:

  • Colin has told us numerous times that he will be available for any questions we may have. Forgot the difference between a strategy and tactic? Why not ask one of our old instructors?
  • We have numerous textbooks that can help us, although truth be told, I haven’t cracked about half of them. But I’m sure the answers are in there somewhere! CP Style is probably the best book to take with you.
  • Our notes are a useful tool to have ready. Going to be doing a lot of writing at your job? Why not take your binder full of labs as a handy reference?
  • Don’t forget, we have each other! Forgot how to do something? Send a friend a text or a Facebook message. I am here for any of you if you need assistance!
  • Ask your supervisor. They know you are there to learn and that you don’t know how to do everything. They will help you so you can do the best job you possibly can.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed when at work, just remember we are all in the same boat. By using any of the above methods, you will be able to do the best job you can!

Good luck everyone!

– Maya


The answer to the afternoon brick wall

April 17, 2010

I have never had a full-time 9 – 5 job. During summers, I always worked nights bartending or serving, so I would wake up between noon and 1, lazily get ready, then head out to work.

I will be working 8 – 4 every weekday for the next four months, and this terrifies me a little bit. I am one of those people who cannot for the life of me go to sleep early. No matter if I have to wake up at four in the morning, my body just doesn’t go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Because of this, I have always relied on naps to get me through my days. 

I was searching the Internet for tips on how to handle the full-time day job, and I found a great site for those who, like me, need their afternoon naps.

The answer? No need to nap, just meditate!

The author of the website, found here,  says that 10 to 20 minutes of meditation is all it takes to feel refreshed when you hit that afternoon brick wall.

The author also says to stretch your legs for 30 seconds before your meditation, then lean back in your chair, close your eyes, deep breathly, and ignore the noises around you. 

I can’t wait to try this technique during my lunch hour! I would recommend setting the alarm on your phone just in case you get a little too relaxed…

Happy meditating everyone!

– Maya


Don’t worry be happy

April 17, 2010

With this week of doom approaching, I figure we could all use some perspective right about now. Everyone is stressing out about final exams and group projects, but we really don’t have to.

Is an employer really going to care if we barely passed a class? All that matters is that we actually have our degrees, diplomas or whatever it is that we are working towards. 

I am a firm believer that tests are not a good indicator of what a student is capable of. Many people do not do well, not because they don’t understand the material, but because they did not have enough time to study or they suffer from test anxiety. Chances are extremely high that the materials we are tested on won’t even surface in the workplace.

Projects, assignments and labs are more worthy to strive towards because these may actually be indicators of what we will doing at work. So if anything, put more effort towards your group and individual projects and don’t freak out when a test starts inching closer. It’s only school people! There are more serious things to worry about!

So unless you want to get your masters after your program, don’t worry be happy! It will all work out in the end.

– Maya