The Who’s Who

We are four young, beautiful, independent women studying public relations at Grant MacEwan University. This blog is an assignment for our digital publishing course, so don’t get your hopes too high!

We would like to welcome you to our fabulous team of blogging beauties!

Shani Gwin

Age: 24

Likes: shopping, napping, eating, sleeping, dancing, camping, chocolate

Dislikes: mushrooms, coffee, long fingernails and doing dishes

Favorite drink: Vanilla vodka & coke

Gitte Sorensen

Age: 27

Likes: working out, reading, soccer, eating, wine

Dislikes: eggplant, George Bush, bras

                                     Favorite drink: Hoegaarden Beer

Leeza Kyselytzia

Age: 20

Likes: cheese strings, dancing, bowling, making friends

Dislikes: mascots, waking up early, scary movies

Favorite drink: caesars

Maya Filipovic

Age: 22

Likes: penguins, senior citizens, shopping, naps

Dislikes: birds, olives, small spaces, vacuums

                                    Favorite drink: red wine


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